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Bullet Journal


I saw someone post about this Point Bullet Journal kit from Big W on one of the planner pages last week. So when Angel went in on Saturday I got her to grab me one.

I put it on the coffee table and there it sat until around 7:30pm. I opened it up and before I knew it, it was almost 2am Sunday. Went to bed got up and started working on it again, before I know it a whole night and day have gone by and all 180 pages are filled up.

Get up this morning and start filling in pages with journaling, writing, colouring and even did some water colouring.

Opening page. Saw this top part of the Quote on Fat Mum Slim’s FB this morning

Stickers are from a Kaisercraft Sticker Book.

Future Log. Still lots to fill in. Stickers from Happy Planner Sticker Book

I have a few goal pages. Loved making these two.

under the photos is a 10 life goal page, still not sure if I will use it.

Movies & books I want to see and read.


This is the start of a crafting / project section, I tried to group things together. on a sunday I like to finish up any pages etc I haven’t done but had no way of keeping track of it..

For future projects so these may stay blank for a while

I missed the 12/12 for jan.. opps

Stacey Julians Library of Memories, which I want to explore more.

I have been working on these on the mac, so just need to take notes of the ones I have done.

Heidi Swapps Dream Chart was on the other page, but then I found this list and wanted to add it.

Before this is the Project 14 section from the course I did earlier in the month. Then my cleaning zones ect

FMS Section.

This has 13 pages so takes a fair chunk of space up. But I am always refrencing the prompts

Health section, has various prompts  / trackers / notes

Some more birthdays / events pages.

One of two tv pages. There are some pages I have started but left “Blank to work on in the future”

Somewhere to keep track of the prompts I have done for this.

This is for my blog.


The start of my blog section.

This takes up a few pages, but they are a little random.

Dripping Tap idea from a bullet journal book I got last year

More TV, need to go through the list I started on Wunderlist

Works in progress.

This should be in Finance but isn’t…

Another WIP.

Social Media section, where I can not email address ect.

HAHA had to add a Kmart page.

Still working on this half of the book..

Came across a map online and wanted to do that but couldn’t find it again but found this one. there is 8 weeks to my birthday so will jot things down as the weeks go on.

This is something I have featured on my blog, and have started grouping them together on pages, but now I have windows need to transfer over. and the eventually get printed.

After this is a December Daily Section, a 2019 goals page and a farewell page.

I will use this along with my main planner to jot down notes, ideas etc. I may even have to get another journal and start another book..


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