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52 Ancestors


The Week 3 Prompt

This week is “Longevity.” You might write something about the oldest person in your family tree. You could explore the person that took you the longest to find. Maybe it’s longevity in a job or career.

I am wracking my brain on who would be the oldest in the family left, as both of my parents are deceased. Mum passed in 2012, Dad in 2011, So I have been thinking about who is left on either side of the family.

Dad’s Brother Cliff (is the eldest), Mum’s sister Suzanne passed in 2010, Then Mum’s Sister Jenni (Aj) follwed by Dad’s Sister Margaret.. (they are the two little girls in the above photo)…

All Grandparents, great grandparents and beyond have passed away.

I think there maybe a couple of Mum’s Uncles left: Something for me to look into. (See top photo of the males on mums side of the family). I know that my dad’s Uncle Cliff is still alive, but I am pretty sure that all of the sisters have passed away.

*may add to this post over the coming week.



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