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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

This came up on my Facebook the other day and I couldn’t not have a look. I did a similar one in 2017 of 52 family stories.


I keep most of my details in my My Life Story Book by SUCK UK.


  1. My life story – mine
  2. My life story – Jack
  3. My life story – Angel
  4. Our life story – Jack and myself
  5. Our life story – family
  6. My travel journal – our adventures
  7. My family cookbook – favourite recipes

Using a tip from Becky Higgins of Starting with the end in mind.

My aim this year is to get more of the details down onto paper. A couple of years ago Jack bought me the Our Life Story book for the two of us to record our life as a couple. It came damaged so we were sent a second one. I would like somehow to dedicate each chapter (12) pages to a person, couple, family group. So the big and little details are in one place.

The book is designed as follows

  1. Blank page / I have made this a dedication page.
  2. Our life story / our last name and year we met.
  3. Lost & description of book
  4. About Myself and Jack

These pages will most likely have photos / memories *

  1. Education *
  2. Jobs *
  3. Awards and achievements *
  4. Useful skills *
  5. Bad habits *
  6. Our map *
  7. Suggested places to go together/ our places to go *
  8. Suggested things to see together / our things to see *
  9. Suggested things to do together / our things to do *
  10. Suggested things to eat together / our things to eat *
  11. Our future hopes & dreams *
  12. Our future goals and aspirations *
  13. Where we want to visit *
  14. Blank pages *
  15. seasons 8 pages (one family per chapter)
  16. Highlights of our year / large photo (photos of that family
  17. Two smaller photos / blank page (photos / family tree)
  18. Top ten (two or three of these in the book) ( will pick key years)
  19. Spaces for photos and memorabilia at the back. (More photos)

Keep in mind that We have a personal book each, one as a couple, a travel one and a cookbook so a majority of our personal / other information will be in those this book is more of a family catch all for our extended family.

Now to work out who goes first and in what order.

  1. Us / Angel, Robert, Sarah.
  2. My parents.
  3. my siblings / children / grandchildren.
  4. Jacks parents.
  5. his siblings / children.
  6. Grandparents each side.
  7. Aunts uncles each side / children / grandchildren.
  8. Great grandparents.
  9. Etc.

Published by SuckUk, Available via various stockists

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