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Time to planner

Q: Where can I buy a planner


Kikki k




Big w


Q: what Planner are you using this year and what for?

I’m using a

  1. Leanne baker daily. It’s sold out now. It’s from padtastic they do have the kids weekly version or the notepads.
  2. the time creator (sold out) (life)
  3. I have a big Happy Planner on its way ( thinking a control journal / house binder as I can buy assorted add ons for it.)
  4. kikki k family (for j & a)
  5. kaisercraft (crafting)
  6. mumsy and bubs (blog)
  7. Otto wellness planner (health & fitness)

I’m sure I have a couple more lol.

Q: why do you have so many?

To be honest I have been trying to find Planner peace for many years and just haven’t been able to achieve that click point.

I have a variety because I haven’t found one that works or can fit everything in it.

Q: Do you have a favourite?

Yes I like The Leanne Baker Daily the best, the time creator is great but I find the font too small compared to the Leeanne Baker Daily Planner.

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