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My 26 day’s of Christmas

I didn’t buy December daily this year and as far as blogging and photos they have been pretty dismal of late but I still want to mark the season with something to look back on.

So thought I would do an a-z 26 days of Christmas. So here goes. (Angel helped me come up with some of these as I was stumped for ideas.

A | Angel, Advent, Adventure, Art, Apple, Action (at/in the moment)

B | Beltane Box, Baubles, Bailey, Boxing Day, Book Box, Books, Baking, Breakfast, Blue, Black, Beautiful

C | Christmas, Cake, Cards, Candy Cane, Celebrate, Cat, Candle, Cook, Cool, Carols

D |Decorations, Dear, Deer, December, Door, Decor, Dinner, Daughter, Drink

E | Elf, Eve, Errand, Entertaining, Ed, Exciting,

F | Family, Formal, Favorite songs, Food, Fun,

G | Green, Gingerbread, Glitzy, Grinch, Gold, Gifts, Giving plate,  

H | Hohoho, House, Happy, Hot chocolate, Holiday, Hamper, Happy, Hope,

I | Icicle lights, Icing, Ideas, Ice cream,

J | Jack, Joyous, Jars, Jolly,

K | Kris Kringle, Kitchen, Kiss,

L | Lights, Lists, Love, Lunch, Laugh, Like,

M | Music, Movie, Christmas Morning, Mail, Memory, Mum, Moments, Magic,

N | Nic, Nutcracker, Night, Nativity, Nature tree, Naughty and Nice,

O | Ornaments, Outfit, Owls, Old,

P | Presents, Peace, Picture, Pet, Party, Plates, Place, Play,

Q | Quiet moments, Quotes, Queen,

R | Red, Room, Recipe, Reindeer, Rainbow,

S | Santa, Sparkle, Stockings, Shopping, Silver, Starbucks, Star, Sweet,

T | Trees, Treats, Tree Topper, Tradition, Twinkle,

U | Us,

V | Vintage, Village, Vignettes, Vine,

W | Wreath, Wishing tree, Wrapping paper, Wishlist, White, Wine,

X | Xmas plate, Xmas fun, Xmas decorations,  

Y | Your view today, Yule log, You, Younger,

Z | ZZZ (Sleep),


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