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Time to planner

I have written many planner posts in my time and thought that I would give you an update since we are getting closer to 2018 (and one came up a few days ago in my on this day).

So what will I be using next year

Leanne Baker Daily (LBD) by Leanne Baker 

I have been using the LBD this year and have loved it. It pretty much stays by my side at all times when I am home. The planners sold out in 26 minutes this year and another round is going to be opened soon for those that missed out. I did all three of Leanne’s Project 14’s this year and will be once again be incorporating those into next years planner, as well as using more Lime & Mortor Stickers. I have also bought the notebook, Weekly planner, Menu Planner, Notepad, Shopping list from Padtasic. I will be using this to track any family things, Jack’s work, Angel’s schooling etc.

The time creator by Tash Guthrie





This is a very similar set up to the LBD, and one that I have only just come across in the past few weeks on Facebook. This will be our home planner.







Mumsy & Bub planner


I got this in July and hadn’t really used it much (aside from all of the fantastic extra pages for blogging and social media), but I sat down and added in all of my future blog posts (i previously had them in a typo planner). This will be used to jot down blog ideas and posts.


Kaisercraft Planner

We went to Melbourne last week and I picked this up from the Kaisercraft store. I got the Blue and gold one. I haven’t decided what I will use it for yet, I may use it as a fitness/health/wellness planner. I love the month and month in review pages (they will be great when blogging my #currently posts).

Kikki K 2018 Family Diary





This is always a favorite to buy each year, and if I wasn’t using the LBD I would be getting it. I still might.




Lorna Jane & The Collective Planners





I love the inspiration and quotes in these but already having so many planners for next year I don’t think I will get them as I never used the ones from this year. but you never know..




Chasing planner Peace



I have some of the Fitness pages from here, and have gone through and could easily spend $200 on creating a Planner or Control / Home Journal for all of the bits and pieces that are not in the other planners.



My Life Story 




Whilst, not a year planner it is a place to keep life’s memories. I add pieces to it every couple of months.




Erin Condren Planner



Now for a few years, this was my go to. But with the $US-$Au the way it has been it has just been easier to buy local planners.


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