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Set Me up Sunday

What’s the plan: 

  • Angel finally goes back to school this week, after being off school for over 6 weeks I am beyond thrilled that she is finally going back.
  • Jack has a couple of days off. Sort the House out & get rid of some of these boxes.
  • Sort the House out & get rid of some of these boxes.
  • Hopefully, new bed arrives.

Meal Plan

I started Racheal Finch’s Body of Dance (B.O.D) so over the next few weeks, my menu plan will be from there.

  • Monday // Pumpkin Dhal
  • Tuesday // Chicken Skewers & Salad
  • Wednesday // Beef Fajita Bowl
  • Thursday // Chicken & Apple Salad
  • Friday // Sweet Potato Gado Gado
  • Saturday // Spag Bol
  • Sunday // Roast Beef

To-do blog

  • 100 things posts
  • Coffee & Chat Tuesday
  • #52 stories post
  • Set me up Sunday post

Zone Cleaning 

  • Set me up Sunday
  • Set up stair baskets (still have yet to do this)
  • Sort house out – Put new bed together. Set bedroom up. Sort out Lounge Room / Dining / Study / Front room. Everything out of the walkways/hallways

Self Care;

  • Wash hair
  • Re-do nails
  • Work out or try to
  • Meditate
  • Long Bath

Time Out

  • Long bath
  • Watch a movie


  • Reset for a new week.


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