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Write a letter to teenage you.

Write a letter to teenage you.

Dear Nicole (this is what you are known as),

If I could write a letter to myself at 17, I would tell you to make the most of these years.

Don’t lock yourself away from the world, get out there and enjoy it. Travel the world, see everything you can. Fall in love with life and all that it has to offer.

Take notes on your families history, Spend time with them all.

Take more photos (yes as funny as that sounds knowing you, take more).

Workout more. Make it part of your everyday life.

Eat well.

Study like you want to.

Ten years from now you will meet the Prince Charming you will marry and the frogs that you kissed before him will be but a memory that will fade to the passages of time. Because he will change your world like you would never imagine over and over again. He will love you with such passion, he will take care of you and treat you like a queen.

You will have a daughter, she will challenge you when she is a teenager, Learn not to argue with her, it will exhaust you…

Take lots of naps (You will need them).

Hugs and love,

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