A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.


  1. Achieved moving states.
  2. Admiring all of the pretty things
  3. Anticipating being organised enough to take a house tour photo shoot.
  4. Blogging not a great deal. little to no internet and computer/data issues. so catch up time.
  5. Buying OMG afterpay is going to be the death of me.
  6. Been to Sunshine Market Place & Highpoint
  7. Bookmarking not a lot
  8. Cooking Most days, I have refound my mojo.
  9. Considering summoning a magical genie/fairy to do everything I need to get done.
  10. Coveting all of the things from all of the places.
  11. Craving not a lot.
  12. Creating not a lot.
  13. Current having a coffee and watching tv.
  14. Deciding what to blog next
  15. Disliking being so disorganised.
  16. Disappointed that we haven’t got out much
  17. Digging through boxes looking for missing stuff.
  18. Drinking coffee.
  19. Enjoying / Enjoyed Spending time with Jack again.
  20. Eating Healthier… Making up batches of salads.
  21. Family Photo not taken yet (jack has the day off tomorrow so will take it then)
  22. Feeling tired, but fell asleep earlier.
  23. Finally settling in, getting used to things
  24. Following Facebook / Twitter / Insta
  25. Habit Making sure I get off the couch more, drink water.
  26. Happy that we are together again.
  27. Happening today was the AFL grand final which means basketball season starts next week
  28. Hoping to be organized by Christmas.
  29. Hearing That Hugh Hefner died.
  30. Keeping up with how many babies the Kardashians are popping out.
  31. Location Melbourne
  32. Looking for spots to put things
  33. Liking our new mattress and chair I brought
  34. Loving Life right now
  35. We have been here almost a month now, and we are loving it.
  36. Listening to country music on youtube reminds me I need to redo my playlists
  37. Making Garlic & Heb Dip, Hummus. Focaccia and Ciabatta bread for grand final day
  38. Main Goal This Week survive the rest of the school holidays
  39. Marvelling at how much stuff we have
  40. Needing / Need to Finish unpacking
  41. Not Digging how much stuff we have
  42. Noticing I own a lot of handbags
  43. Organising the walk in robe, its my happy place.
  44. Opening Packages. Mostly Handbags.
  45. Playing find the perfect launcher on google play store, all have too many ads.
  46. Planning on getting a couple of rooms organised tomorrow
  47. Pondering What direction I want my blog to go in.
  48. Reading nothing at the moment.
  49. Sorting boxes. not getting very far
  50. Sewing no
  51. Snacking too much
  52. Smelling coffee.
  53. Waiting for jack to get home.
  54. Watching Janet King – have been meaning to watch them for months.
  55. Wanting to go through all my unwatched shows.
  56. Wasting the days away reading facebook.
  57. Weather its Melbourne 4 seasons in one day and I love it.
  58. Wearing workout gear.
  59. Wishing the boxes were all unpacked.
  60. What grind’s my Gears, Rude people
  61. Wondering how fast this month has gone.
  62. Working On blog posts
  63. Working Out signed up for Racheal Finch’s Body of Dance.