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Set me up Sunday​

Not having internet access i have really missed doing my Sunday Night Plans up. I have basically been winging it the past few weeks in my planners.

Some of the things that i learnt when doing the Project 14 3.0 Course & Setting a new home up was that i needed to be more organised.


Now over the years i have set zone plans up via Flylady and many other systems. This house is probably one of the largest we have had in a while. So more to be done. So when i was going through the course i wrote down all of the rooms and made a list of how i would set the zones up.

15 Minutes Morning Clean.

  • Dishes
  • Tidy kitchen
  • Throw a load of laundry on
  • Tidy lounge up
  • Make bed. Do you make your bed as soon as you get out of it? ours is currently a Mattress on the floor so i am not too worried about doing it at the moment?.
  • Dinner box (take out any meat that needs to be defrosted and any other ingredients, i am finding that this makes meal times so much easier).

15 / 30 Minutes Zone Clean Through the day 

  • Monday: Kitchen (Tidy & wipe down benches, wipe over electrical products & drawers, Tidy fridge & Pantry Cupboard, Write down any thing you need for meal planning)
  • Tuesday: Hallways, Stairs, Studies (floors, tidy)
  • Wednesday: Living Areas, Angels Room (tidy)
  • Thursday: Master Bedroom, (make bed) Walk in Robe (hang up clothes, put any clothes into laundry that need to be washed, tidy).
  • Friday: Bathrooms. Wipe over benches, clean showers, bath, toilets)
  • Saturday: Outside areas (Jack mow lawn, Tidy outdoor areas, sort a couple of boxes from the garage), Happy Hour*
  • Sunday: Set me up Sunday (go through planner and see whats happening next week), Menu Plan, Self Care.

15 Minute Night Clean.

  • Dishes
  • Tidy kitchen
  • Tidy lounge
  • Set self up for next day

Stair Baskets. 

This isn’t a new idea and it’s one i have attempted in a single story home as well. Set up baskets for each member of your family, when you are tidying up place the item that belongs to that member of the family in their basket. Put them on the staircase to take up stairs when you or they go up.


I have done a couple of Meal plans up and they are working great. This week we are having  

Jack has two days off a week, varies which day he will be home. But i am finding that if we have our dinner meal at lunch time if he works at night we can have a lighter meal later on. Today was a roast, but due to Jack having to go to work late afternoon, we had it for lunch with roasted vegetables and all of the leftover salads from the past few days meals, he ended up making a sandwich up for himself for work with the leftovers and there is still some more left.

  • Monday: Chicken Snitzel & Vegetables. (ended up having this for lunch and had leftover spag bol with butter chicken sauce for dinner). 
  • Tuesday: Chinese 5 Spice Pork & Fried Rice. 
  • Wednesday: Beef Bourginion & Rice
  • Thursday: Coconut Curried Sausages and Veg / Rice
  • Friday: Butter Chicken & Rice 
  • Saturday: Burgers & Salad
  • Sunday: Pork Roast & Roasted Vegetables 


Finally got around to washing my hair, found a bottle of Argon Oil amongst some stuff when unpacking, lord knows how old it was as i used it and now my hair feels like straw. Probably didn’t help that the conditioner bottle was empty. another thing i need to add onto my ever growing shopping list.


This is done on a Saturday morning. Vacuum, Mop, Dust, Clean, Tidy up all rooms. Put things away that don’t need to be out. Make Beds. And anything else that needs doing. As a reward for doing Happy hour we have a Saturday night movie with popcorn etc.


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