10 surprising things about you

It could be a list of 10 surprising things about you.


  1. I haven’t been to a hairdresser in just over 10 years. I have however cut/dyed my hair myself, over that time, and I have regretted it more than once. I am currently loving it though. 
  2. I  don’t wear makeup (Between that and the hair you could say that I save Jack a fortune). I have started to buy face creams and lip balms. 
  3. I buy a lot of handbags in search of the perfect one. (This is why I am broke)
  4. My other addiction is planners… 
  5. I spend too much time watching Netflix & Stan
  6. I love country music. 
  7. I got my nose pierced in 1997
  8. I don’t eat any sort of seafood, anything with strawberries in it, or mushrooms. 
  9. Out of habit I still spell my middle name out in my head. 
  10. I  wear a necklace Jack brought me in 2008 more than I wear my wedding rings.