A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.

The Leaving Tasmania Edition

+ Achieved Going to places I never thought that we would get too.

+ Admiring  All of the sites and places in this beautiful state.

+ Anticipating Moving to Melbourne.

+ Blogging Our adventures on here since 2012.

+ Buying 1/2 of Kmart to furnish and decorate the house.

+ Been to so many places. I have also done a post on where we have been.

+ Bookmarking Places to visit in Melbourne.

+ Cooking Up a storm with all of the new kitchen gadgets I brought here.

+ Considering Once we get there and start unpacking of getting a very large skip bin & redoing Kon Mari.

+ Coveting Stuff for the new place.

+ Craving For everything to be done already.

+ Creating Memories here in Tasmania has been amazing.

+ Current Sitting writing this out, watching Studio 10 & having a coffee, whilst Jack & Angel go back and forth to the container.

+ Deciding To walk down to the sea container and hoping I won’t freeze to death

+ Disliking having to pack.

+ Disappointed that I don’t have a fairy god mother to magically pack for me

+ Digging that we have found things I thought were missing.

+ Drinking lots of coffee.

+ Enjoying / Enjoyed visiting so many wonderful places here in Tasmania.

+ Eating all of the leftovers in the fridge and freezer

+ Family Photo

+ Feeling so tired, but not sleeping.

Finally Moving, for the past three months Jack has been telling me two weeks, two weeks. Can’t believe it’s finally here

+ (Thank you for) Following our Tasmanian Adventures.

+ Habit Picked up some good ones and some bad ones.

+ Happy That we are starting a new life.

+ Happening so much packing.

+ Hoping that we will be done by today

+ Hearing Jack and Angel Arguing about packing is driving me bonkers.

+ Keeping lots of lists so I know when we uppack at the other end i know whats what.

+ Location currently in Tasmania and a few days will be in Melbourne.

+ Looking at everything that still needs to be done.

+ Liking that the time to leave has come

+ Loving finding out where my dad was born. Where my grandparents lived when there were here. The places that my mum and stepdad visited when they came over.

+ Listening to Angel complain about school even though she finished last week.

+ Making lots of lists

+ Main Goal This Week To move

+ Marvelling At how much stuff we have

+ Needing / Need to Finish Packing.

+ Not Digging all of the cleaning that needs to be done

+ Noticing How much stuff we have.

+ Opening boxes next week and trying to work out where to put things is going to be fun. Personally, I think I may just leave a lot of them packed.

+ Playing little mantras over and over in my head to keep me motivated.

+ Planning how to set rooms out in the new place.

+ Pondering the good times and bad we have had here. I was still grieving for Dad, and then Mum when I moved here, and I have poured a lot of that grief into this blog. I have loved that we have experienced things here. But there has been many times where I have wished I could share that with both Mum and Dad.

+ Reading nothing at the moment, but have set aside some books to read on the Spirit.

+ Sorting out all of our crap is exhausting.

+ Snacking on Cheezles.

+ Smelling the fresh air when sitting in the Sea Container

+ Waiting to start over.

+ Watching Things disappear in front of me as it gets packed.

+ Wanting to take photos of places around town but we don’t have a car

+ Wasting my time doing blog posts

+ Weather it’s freezing today

+ Wearing The warmest clothes I can find.

+ Wishing Jack brought my new handbag with him so I could use it, instead I am having to use my camera bag.

+ What Grind’s my Gears Angel’s school contacting her three days after she has left to send in school work that was due.

+ Wondering if we will ever be done

+ Working On some quick blog posts

+ Working Out by walking back and forth to the sea container