5 Things Friday

Just cleaning up my blog and I came across this post I did a few months ago 5 things Friday

  1. Angel away for the night. She stayed at her friend’s place. 
  2. Updated blog. New name, New theme, Updated featured photos. Going through and fixing broken links and spelling mistakes. 
  3. Tickets booked to leave Tasmania. A week from today…. 
  4. Angel’s last day at her current high school. Ekkk a few weeks at home and then will start at her new school. 
  5. Jack comes home. He has been gone a month, and this will be his last trip back, He is on leave for a week, and we all go to Melbourne next Friday. 

Here has what has happened this week. Via Pip from Meet me at Mikes – Pip from Meet me at Mikes is doing this cool thing where you post 5 things about this week.