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Share 3 blogging tips.

Share 3 blogging tips.

I have been blogging for many years now and the thing I have found helpful is.

  1. Prompts: These have been so helpful. I have gathered questions from many places and they just sit in my drafts folder, when I am in need of inspiration I just scroll through and pick a random question. A few years ago WordPress did a 365 days Journalling project and I found that and added each question to my drafts folder, I have also over several years done various monthly prompt based Journalling projects such as every day in may, blogtember etc. So many questions I may have done before, so it’s interesting to see how I have changed over time.
  2. Blog Planner: This is where I write ideas, put the prompt questions in on random days and set up my week. Some months I set a post a day other months 1-2 posts a week. I have been using the Typo Planner that Jack brought me, but I am thinking I will move that across to the Mumsy & Bub planner I bought as there is more room in it, it’s clearer to see etc. This will also enable me to continue it into Next Year.
  3. Draft Posts: When the inspiration strikes I go through my drafts folder and answer some of the questions in there, that way when I need a post it is partly done.

Life atnumber 6
via was originaly an everyday in may post

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