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What goals are you actively working toward right now?

What goals are you actively working toward right now?

A R O U N D   T H E   H O U S E

  • Getting the house packed up. *Will it ever end*? We have 40 cardboard boxes, plus about 30-40 plastic tubs that I started working on at the start of the year. Even after doing Kon Mari & several decluttering sessions in the last 2 years we still have so much stuff. *yes I know I shop at Kmart too much 🙂 
  • Arguing and Negotiating with a 15yr old to pack. OMG the arguments we have had, and seriously how can she not be finished in her room yet. oh, that’s right she has Netflix, a Laptop, a Phone and an iPad. 
  • Wrapping breakables. *Note to self, don’t buy any more fragile stuff as pretty as it is it’s a pain in the A$$ to pack and move.
  • Getting rid of crap. *Second note to self*
  • Planning where things will go in the new place (and making sure I know what is going into which box). *Thank you Wunderlist, you are a lifesaver*. It has helped that Jack has gone through and taken photos of each room and measurements for things we currently own. 
  • Avoiding tripping over the boxes that are everywhere. When I am not tripping over boxes it’s the cat or dog I’m tripping over. 



  • Getting my blog updated for when I am not online. 
  • Getting my planner’s organised with information as I will be without my Mac for a little while. 

O T H E R 

  • Waiting for Jack to get home this weekend. (This time around it’s been a month, and what a long month it has been).

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