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Set me up Sunday​

Set Me Up Sunday.

How quick did last week go, yet sometimes it felt like it dragged on and on. 

What’s the plan: 

Angel packed a few of the boxes not nearly enough. 

Monday 21st:

❏ Jack Work  

❏ Organise Woolworths Order.

❏ Hustle living order due. 

12:00pm Twin Peaks

❏ Angel staying at her friends place Overnight  

Tuesday 22nd: 

❏ Jack Work 

Wednesday  23rd: 

❏ Jack Work

❏ Angel Breakfast club 

❏ Pay bills / Get power 

❏ 8:30pm Offspring 

❏ Bin out

Thursday  24th: 

❏ Jack Work 

❏ Angel Breakfast club 

Friday  25th: 

❏ Jack Work  

❏ Angel Breakfast club 

❏ Angel last day at school  

❏ Jack Home – Tasmania 

❏ Jack on leave

Saturday 26th: 

❏ Jack on leave 

❏ Family fun day / Family movie night 


❏ Jack coming back 

Goals for the week; 

❏ Pack the house up

❏ Go to bed at 11pm-12am: i tried ten and i just wake up too early. 

Meal Plan / Groceries

Menu Plan
❏ 21 Aug | Chicken with  Hoiken Noodles

❏ 22 Aug |  Chicken (Jamie Oliver Meal)

❏ 23 Aug |  Beef Borginoun (Sp)

❏ 24 Aug | Terriaki Chicken and rice

❏ 25 Aug | Jack wants to cook

❏ 26 Aug |  Not sure yet

❏ 27 Aug | Not Sure yet 


❏ Uniforms; Angel does her own. / Take uniform to Gymnastics.

Self Care;

❏ i am also going to add this as well. I have been doing it on a Friday.

Time Out; 

❏ Watch a few of my favourite movies 

❏ Rest


❏ Start of a new week.

❏ Counting down the days until i see Jack again and then we make the big move.❏ Make a plan or 3 to actually get things done this week.

❏ Make a plan or 3 to actually get things done this week.


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