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#52 Stories / What lessons have you learned from your grandmothers’ life experiences?

What lessons have you learned from your grandmothers’ life experiences?

Today is the Anniversary of when she passed away in 2005. I miss her each and every day, and there isn’t a day that passes where she doesn’t come into my thoughts. To be honest i don’t know how to answer this one. I adored my grandmother, she is for me apart from my Late Mum, my Hero. I have written many letters to her since she passed away, and will probably over time write more to her.  


My cousin recently asked me if i had any writing of hers and it took some time but i found this from my 21st birthday. You don’t realise until someone is gone how special little things like there writing was. 

The last time i lived in Melbourne was with her when i was a Teenager, so going to live there again as an adult, married with a daughter of my own is going to be very strange.  especially since Angel is the same age as i was. Living in Tasmania i have been able to see the two homes that they lived in here, and some of the places that she may have gone. 


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