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Little Letters

Dear Self, 

Stop it!, stop being so damned hard on yourself. Yes you have a lot going on, and you started the week off badly but you don’t have to end it that way. Head up, Chin up, put a smile on that dial, and carry on… The next few weeks are going to be taxing, they are going to be so hard to get through, take deep breaths, meditate when you can, don’t over stretch yourself. Yes it has to be done and quite frankly there isn’t a lot that you can do about it.

“Just Fucking Do It!!!”

Dear Angel, 

Thank You…

I know i don’t say it enough, and you think that i take you for granted. It hasn’t been easy with Dad being away, i know that and i have been asking a lot of you i get that. I am sorry if you think i am the bad guy. Thank you for your help. Yes we have a lot to get done over the next week. But think of the upside we are moving to Melbourne and how cool is that going to be. Think of all of the new adventures that we are going to have. I can show you the places that i used to go to when i was you’re age. 

Dear Jack, 

I love you,

It’s not easy you not being here, it’s damned hard. The days drag by so slowly and i feel like somedays i am just waiting in limbo to talk to you, and then we don’t talk, you tell me about work, and the house, but we don’t talk and i am still left in this void. my point is? I miss you, i don’t cope well without you. This is evident. I am so looking forward to living a life with you again, sharing our memories of when we both grew up in Melbourne, and showing Angel the things and places we used to go. 

Dear Life, 

It’s time i give you a swift kick up the ass, and start living you. Day’s are filled with binge watching TV, endless amounts of coffee and very little sleep. Yes i have managed to watch a lot of shows that have been on my too watch list, I haven’t left the house in weeks (only when Jack comes home).

So what do we do about this? 

Dear Clutter, 

Be gone.. Boxes, and endless amount of boxes. Clutter as far as the eye can see. So much junk.. I look around at everything that needs to be packed. Wondering if we will get it done. It feels highly unlikely. 


Dear Cleaning Fairy,

You’re fired! 




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