Handbag Organisation

Handbag Organisation

I have a few Handbags …… crickets ….. my husband rolling around on the floor laughing at this statment…. because i managed to fill up Two Tea Chest sized boxes with Handbags, Camera Bags, Clutches, Purses and Handbag Organisers and could at a guess fill up a third.

I am always on the lookout for that perfect bag.. You know the one with all of the pockets, the one that has a spot for my Phones, My Planner, most importantly fits my camera and a couple of lenses, and all of the other “Crap” i meant essential stuff that i carry around with me.

I have been doing an organisation course called Project 14 3.0 (i have previously done Project 14 1.0 & Project 14 2.0) They are run by Leanne Baker from Organising the four of us & Leanne Baker Daily.

One of the tasks has been Handbags and organising them, and there has been some wonderful suggestions and ideas for organising them from inside to out.


With the new house we have a walk in robe, i haven’t had a Walk in Robe in so long that this is one of the things that i am most excited about. Because i have so many bags i have been trying to work out a way to store & display them. In the current house they have just been stored in the wardrobe. I try and keep the expensive ones in the dustbins that they came in. Quite a few people on the P14 3.0 Group and also on some of the Kmart groups are using the Kmart, Ikea, Bunnings cubes. I have a 4×4 Bunnings one that we are keeping. Jack has measured the space and tells me that it should easily fit in the WIR. Brilliant. So this is where i will be creating my own handbag heaven.

Inside the bag organisers

I have tried a lot of these over the years and for one reason or another i haven’t really stuck with anything for a great deal of time.

Bellhop Bags

Leanne mentioned on P14 3.0 that she has had these for a few years, i had looked at them in the past and have always been going to buy some. Well turns out that the company is moving on to other things and these are no longer going to be available. I was lucky enough to order some, and that order arrived to the new house in Melbourne yesterday, so i haven’t been able to play with them yet. But will let you know what i think when i eventually get to the new house. I haven’t included a website for this as they will no longer be selling these .

Black Caviar

When i brought Black Caviar bag it came with three organiser bags. I absolutely love these and use them in any other bag i use. They match my camera bag and shopping tote as well. These are available from various clothing  / gift shops around Australia


I have i think 3 or 4 bags / organisers from here, and they have been fantastic. I have used the Jewellery one on various Trips / Cruisers. This is a post i did a few years ago. 

In a Pickle

This is a new to me brand that i found via P14 3.0, I will talk more about these in a few weeks as again i have a couple of things on their way to me.

The red letter Club

I am also waiting delivery on a Felix Cosmetic Case from the Red Letter Club. This little bag will be used for my assorted moisturisers ect that i have started using.

Organised Bags

Now this is a hard one because an Organised Bag is so hard to find, trust me i have been looking a long time, and i have brought a lot of bags to find that they just don’t meat my needs.

Michael Kors

In a perfect world all of my bags would be an MK. I have had one since 2012, and it’s still perfect. The only thing is its not a cross body and a little large. (it’s made to fit a 13″ laptop). I do have my eyes on one but at over $400 it’s just not going to happen anytime soon. (but perhaps my adorable husband can keep it in mind for Christmas). 🙂

I find that the best and most organised bags are either Camera Bags or Nappy Bags (yes you read that right, and i have a 15yr old daughter and have been known to buy nappy bags), Laptop bags are also great, but find because they are made a little thinner to accommodate laptops they are not as good for transporting a camera.

Bags i have or places to buy bags from

  • Cambags – for a longtime i was going to buy a Jill e bag from here, and i kept putting it off, that bag is no longer available, and i have been on the hunt ever since for something similar.
  • Lilah Snow – I so want one of these bags, they are beautiful
  • www.kellymoorebag.com – Whilst i don’t have one of these, i have long been a fan of them
  • http://www.shutterbagusa.com – I have the Heirloom Bag from here, and it was a BIG purchase, it was around $250.00 in shipping alone. I mainly leave it full of my camera and take what i need in a smaller bag as it is so heavy. But OMG it is stunning.
  • www.jototes.com – I have three Jo totes, and they are fantastic. I don’t use them much now though as i have a smaller camera.
  • www.epiphanie.co – I got this one from Ebay and its a great size, sometimes a little bulky though.
  • Vanchi.com – This is the large nappy bag i have, i think i brought it around 10 years ago from TVSN. Still to this day i use the Bottle holder and Dummy Holder for my Camera Lenses. They fit in perfectly. The bag has i think 6 inside pockets so also makes a great weekend bag.

i will update this again at a later date


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