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A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.

Achieved – Jack came home on the weekend and we finally started packing.

Admiring – Furniture for new house

Anticipating – Moving next month

Blogging – Not a lot have been doing lots of catch up posts, i need to get back on track.

Buying – This Bag

Bookmarking – Stuff for house. rentals.

Cooking – Basics like some of the things on our new monthly menu plan

Considering – Having a nap…

Coveting – Most of whats in the new Kmart Catalogue.

Craving – A larger coffee than what i made 20 minutes ago.

Creating – Not a lot. only been working on my planners.

Current – We got a house.

Deciding – On what to throw out and what to take with us to Melbourne.

Disliking – How much packing still needs to be done.

Disappointed – That i can’t summon a packing fairy. Our cat Mae Passed away.

Digging – that jack came “home” for the weekend.

Drinking – coffee. lots of coffee.

Enjoying / Enjoyed – spending time with jack.

Eating – potato chips.

Family Photo

Feeling – really tired.

Finally – Found a house. We had been approved for two others previously but due to circumstances they didn’t work out.

Following – Jack’s rose adventures on Instagram.

Habit – none this month.

Happy – That i got a new Mumsy & Bub Planner. Now to spend some time filling it all in.

Happening – Packing, packing, packing.

Hoping – that we get this all sorted out. we have just over a month to be out of this house.

Hearing – That a Great Aunt passed away at the start of the month was sad news.

Keeping – Busy..

Location – Burnie. Launceston. Devonport

Looking – At affordable beds.

Liking – That the new house has not one extra bathroom but two.

Loving – how big the new house is. Jack measured it before he came over, and he said you can actually fit the current out we are in in it.

Listening – to the dog snore his head off.

Making – lots of lists on Wunderlist.

Main Goal This Week – to pack up a room a day.

Marvelling – at how much shit we have.

Needing / Need to Finish – packing

Not Digging – Having to do a majority of the house on my own.

Noticing – when packing you find how many things you have doubles of.

Opening – Cupboards | Closing – Boxes.

Playing – with the pup.

Planning – to move.

Pondering – al of the changes that we are going through.

Reading – nothing. i have however made a list of books i want to buy.

Sorting – everything

Snacking – on kit kats, potato chips, pop corn.

Smelling – Incense that i lit this morning.

Waiting – on the sea container.

Watching – Studio 10, offspring. twin peaks, the white queen, the white princess.

Wanting – to have this all finished.

Wasting – my time online.

Weather – suns out at the moment, but is going to rain again.

Wearing – comfortable clothes.

Wishing – i had an extra pair of hands.

What grind’s my Gears – Life.

Wondering – how to set the rooms in the new house up.

Working On – Packing.

Working Out – Nope / but by packing it will be workout enough.



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