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Couple quiz

  • Who’s older? I am a week older, but he says he is older because he was conceived first and i was born early.
  • Who was interested first? Same Time
  • Same high school? No
  • Worst temper? Both pretty bad
  • Most sensitive? Most definitely me
  • Loudest? Him
  • Chattiest? He talks more, I am sure around most people so tend to stay quiet.
  • Funniest? Him for sure.
  • More social? Also him.
  • Most stubborn? Me
  • Wakes up first? I am pretty much always awake
  • Eats the most? Him.
  • Better singer? He would like to think he is.
  • How many kids do you have together? we have 1 together and he has two from a previous marriage
  • Takes all the blankets? Probably me
  • How long have you been together? 18 years in September
  • Most adventurous? Him, i am more of a book worm.
  • Plans the trip? Him.
  • Stresses the most? always me, about everything.
  • Most playful? him
  • Better driver? Him. I don’t drive

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