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With the move getting closer my mind has turned to decorating another house. What spaces i can decorate. What furniture I already have and if I need anything to go with that. I have spotted a few items that i quite like. (Keep in mind that at time of writing this we don’t have a rental yet).

Living Areas

When we moved here we had a GIANT L-shaped lounge suite, part of it turned into a sofa bed with an ottoman. it seated probably ten people. We sold it a couple of years ago and brought a two seater couch and then a second hand Ikea lounge. Although we have only had them both two years the two seater already has broken springs. A mix of the ones below are what i have been looking at.

We have a lot of Kmart Furniture at the moment, and i love the pieces we have. But kind of need to compliment that with something else.

The Master Bedroom is my biggest issue as we really need a bed. I think i have shared similar on here before.

As i come across other favourites i will add them here.