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Just a quick update. I have been very lax with updates this week i feel. I had posts planned that i havent written yet. But its mostly lack of motivation and photos. So thought that a quick update on life around here would be good.

  • Jack is on his way back today, he has been away three weeks this time around, and the stints could get longer depending on his hours / working weekends.
  • So looks like we may move to Melbourne sometime in August. Great News right.
  • Still looking for a rental close to train lines / high school / shops / not to far out of the city. We have been approved for two now, but couldnt come up with the full amount of Bond / First Months Rent (5-6k+ is hard to come up with when you have just moved states).
  • Jack just got a message to say that they are putting the NBN on in the current house here in Tasmania on the 18th July. (he has to contact them, because i really don’t think its worth signing up for when we are moving anyway, and a lot of the rentals we are looking at are not getting NBN until between 2018/2020).
  • Angel has now finished up with Gymnastics, sad for her and it was something she enjoyed. She was also invited to a Leaders Camp for the Church camp she attended since 2012, but we have had to decline as we are moving.
  • I feel like i have so much to do today with Jack coming home, and yet i have zero motivation to do it. I am pretty sure its a combination of the Green Winter Coat* & the Winter Blues kicking in. Plus there is the We have to move soon factor so have to organise that and pack everything up, get the house cleaned and Jack wont be here for a lot of the next month. Probably why i am sitting on the couch Watching Stan.
  • I finished watching Will & Grace, and have moved on to Hart of Dixie what a warm refreshing show this is. I love the accents, the clothes, the set, everything, but most the music & the characters. I know it was on Foxtel when we had it, but i was obviously not on my Radar bar from seeing it when skipping channels. Hearing lots of good things about The Handmaids Tale too so think that i will watch that next.
  • My latest addiction is Wunderlist, I may have said that a few days ago, but OMG i am on it more than Facebook. Making lists, adding things to the Calendar, assigning chores to Angel, Keeping track of Jack’s Flights and Work Roster. I can see why Microsoft wanted it, but i swear it’s going to be a very sad day when they remove it. I just don’t feel the same way with the Microsoft to Do app.
  • Not sure of our plans for the weekend, but i know it will involves going somewhere to take photos. It feels like forever since i picked my camera up, and i want to find my motivation again.
  • Edited to add. I could cry. (Actually i did) I go have a shower come back to find that the pup has eaten my brand new fitbit strap. Only three weeks old. Pink Blush Leather Strap. That Jack hunted all over Melbourne for. Which i will now need to replace because the original one i have irritates me, and gives me a rash. I just told Jack and he said he will get me a new one.

* The green winter coat is what my dad used to call hibernation. When you dont want to do anything except sit on the couch watching TV and getting fat.

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