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Blogging Journey

Share your blogging journey – why did you start? What do you find challenging? What works well for you? What do you plan for the future?

This little space i have created has been my safe haven for over 11 years now. Yes it has taken on different names and varied in what i write due to life changes but it has remained my little world.

Why did you start?

I started blogging over 11 years ago. I had just left my job of 12 years to be a Stay at Home Mum. I was at the time on a scrapbooking group and some of the other ladies had started blogging as well. before this is dabbled in creating websites. I have always been fascinated with planners and diaries so loved the idea of being able to journal my thoughts down somewhere.

What do you find challenging?

What i have found challenging is coming up with new content. I am currently working my way through various prompts that i have found online.

It has been a hard journey blogging about the deaths of my Grandmother & Parents but it has also been very helpful for me to be able to put into words how i am feeling when going through some of the hardest days of my life.

It’s also been a record of various house moves and new starts.  Our daughter was about 4 she i started she is 16 in November, so it has been a record of her life as well.

What works well for you?

I have found since creating a Blogging Planner i have been better able to keep up with blogging (although last month i took some time away from it).

What do you plan for the future?

At this stage just to continue doing what i am doing. Writing about life, we have another house move on the horizon and i will be blogging about that.

i have enjoyed the little series of posts that i have been doing so want to do a couple more of those this year.


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