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Show us your workspace or where you blog from. What inspires you there?

My space

I usually blog from the couch, at the moment i am using the Mac Desktop on a small table. Not all that pretty but it works for now. I am looking at alternatives to the Mac (yes i am toying with going to windows or android) (anyone use Lenovo Products?).

Recently I wrote about getting rid of my craft desk and wanting to buy some sets of drawers. I had hoped at the time of writing this post that I would have a new set up, but after looking at the drawer sets as nice as they where, they just didn’t suit my needs so I am still looking for an alternative. At the point in time I might just wait until after we have moved and I know what my future space is like, and i can then go to Ikea and buy what i need.

Most of the products / stationary i buy is from Kmart, Typo & Spotlight, with the occasional thing from Woolworths.

What inspires you there?

A nice neat space is what inspires me.  Since starting my Blog Planner i have been a lot more organised with my posts.



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