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Step out of your comfort zone

Today blog about something completely opposite to your usual style, content or even chosen medium. Push those boundaries! (This is a Blog everyday in May prompt).

I would normally share about our day to day life here. So taking a step out of my comfort zone today for this prompt has had me wracked with nerves, I have gone over and over in my head about what to write about and yet i keep drawing a compete blank.

So i am just going to write about life around here in a Coffee & Chat Tuesday style Post.

I am not one to write about the current events on the news, and since i am writing this quite a few weeks out from the actual posting date it would be old news anyway.

I could write about how motherhood when your husband is away is so damn taxing, when you repeatedly tell your teenager to put warm clothes on and by the 38th time you have told her you are sick of hearing your own voice repeat the same thing over and over.

I could tell you that our cat is a massive trouble maker, and he is determined to get our puppy into trouble, from flicking things off the table for the pup to get and chew on, to going over to the pup and waking him up when he is settled.

I could tell you that what has gone wrong whilst jack has been gone has gone wrong. Power going out, Internet not working. Netflix having moments, pets and teenager being PITB… Me getting the flu hasn’t helped matters either.

I could tell you that i haven’t slept well since jack went away & trying to live on 4-6 hours sleep a night isn’t good for me at all. I finally found a pillow that works, i have the bedding thats comfortable, and yet i get into bed and i am wide awake. The copious amounts of coffee each day to keep me standing upright probably doesn’t help.

I could tell you that Jack has been having a ball in Melbourne, He has been to the AFL a few times (He finally went to the MCG), The Movies, The Markets and the shops. Sends me photos of him at “MY” favourite coffee shops, and says oh i thought of you when i found it..


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