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Little Letters


Hey all, 

How did we end up almost a week after my last post… That rolled around quick. 

Dear Saturday, Well what can I say but you sucked.. My reasons are listed below. 

Dear Internet, I really enjoyed the couple of hours i spent trying to get you working again, yes i had a fleeting thought that i knew first 10 minutes what it was, but no i continued to preserver and argue with Jack, Angel, the server telling me that it wasn’t connected. Turns out that yes my first instinct was right and it was Jack changing his email password last night that turned everything off. 

Dear Power, After the internet debacle i wasn’t ready for you to continually turn off because of the faulty wiring in the laundry, every-time Angel turned the light on… I have lost count with how many times the tv / netflix / mac have turned off. 

Dear Full/er House, Thanks for keeping me company this week. 

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