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Hello June


June starts an interesting new period in our lives. It doesn’t look like a lot is happening, but we are taking things day by day as to how things pan out, as we wait for other things to fall into place. Jack will be starting his new job, Hopefully he finds a rental. Angel will have her regular things to do. Me well i will be attempting to remember to do things like eat and sleep and not survive on coffee, i will be watching twin peaks, and full house, and blogging.

Thursday 1.

(A) BC / School.

We get puppy.

Friday 2.

(A) BC / School.

(J) moves to Melbourne

(J) Goes to Rugby.

Saturday 3.

(J) looks at Rentals.

(J) Goes to Afl.

Sunday 4.

(A) has Gymnastics Comp.

(J) goes to James Bond Movies.

(N) #52 stories blog post – Make the world a better place.

(N) Whats on your plate post.

Monday 5.

(J) Starts new job.

(A) WE / G

(N) Twin Peaks

Tuesday 6.

(A) School

Wednesday 7.

(A) BC / School / G

Thursday 8.

(A) BC / School.

Friday 9.

(A) BC / School.

Saturday 10.

Sunday 11.

(N) #52 stories blog post – your commitment to causes.

Monday 12.


(N) Twin Peaks

Tuesday 13.

(A) School

Wednesday 14.

(A) BC / School / G

Thursday 15.

(A) BC / School.

Friday 16.

(A) BC / School.

(N) #LittleLetters

Saturday 17.

(N) Day in the Life

Sunday 18.

(N) #52 stories blog post – 3 Points your Parents lived by.

(N) 10 things that make you happy.

Monday 19.

(A) School / G

(N) Your Dream Job

(N) Twin Peaks

Tuesday 20.

(A) School

Wednesday 21.

(A) BC / School / G

Thursday 22.

(A) BC / School.

Friday 23.

(A) BC / School.

Saturday 24.

Sunday 25.

(N) #52 stories blog post – Sacrifice time for your community

Monday 26.

(A) School / G

(N) Twin Peaks

(N) Hometown Week

Tuesday 27.

(A) School

(N) Hometown Week

Wednesday 28.

(A) BC / School / G

(N) Hometown Week

Thursday 29.

(A) BC / School.

(N) Hometown Week

Friday 30.

(A) BC / School.

(N) #Currently



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