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A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.

Achieved:  Getting my desk organised.

Admiring: All of my kmart books. Journals, cookbooks, books i got for mothers day.

Anticipating: Getting to know our puppy.

Been: Busy getting things organised for when Jack’s Gone.

Bookmarking: Pages and Apps that i used to have on the Laptop. 

Cooking: Because Jacks in Melbourne. 

Considering: Getting a new printer. I need to print photos out. 

Coveting: A new Laptop since my MacBook air ended up with water through it, and won’t be getting it back 😦 

Craving: Coffee… 

Creating: Worked on my Art Journal

Current: Working on multiple blog posts. 

Deciding: What to get rid of for our big move. I did get rid of quite a few large pieces of furniture before Jack went. 

Disliking: Having to give our older dog away, but she kept getting out, and with Jack going it would have been too hard for me to get her from the pound 30kms away. She has gone to a good home, on a farm.

Disappointed: As above. Jack leaving.

Digging: My new sunbeam London toaster and kettle. Loving the bling on them.

Drinking: Copious amounts of coffee.

Enjoying / Enjoyed: Spending time with Jack before he left.

Eating: too much junk.



Family Photo: Taken June 2

Feeling: Sad because Jack is Moving to Melbourne. 

Finally: Getting our new puppy. 

Following: House rules. Really not liking the two women or the batterers, both teams are nasty pieces of work.

Habit: For May: Drink water, what i didn’t do.. Drink water. For June / Drink more water. I haven’t been doing this and i haven noticed that i need to. 

Happy: That i managed to finish all of May’s Blog posts, now to get a start on June’s.

Happening: Helping Jack pack, Saying goodbye to your dog, and hello to our pup, Angel starting work experience.

Hoping: Our dog Ali is happy on the farm. 

Hearing: Of the terror in Manchester.

Keeping: up with the Conties on YouTube.

Location: Angel and I are in Tasmania as of June Jack is in Melbourne. 

Looking: at Melbourne Rentals. 

Liking: Finally getting paid.

Loving: My new coffee Machine. (A fully Automatic)

Listening: To house rules.. 

Making:  Lists.. for everything. 

Main Goal This Week: Survive living a new normal, without Jack here. 

Marvelling: at how many things that i need to do now that Jack is going away that he would normally do.

Needing / Need to Finish: this blog post, and start working on the next ones.

Not Digging: all of the things that i have to remember.

Noticing: that we should have gotten a dishwasher.

Opening: lots of containers of Die Cut pieces that i need to sort through.

Playing: With craft stuff, but not making anything.

Pondering: What posts to write. i did set up a blog planner

Reading: Jimmy Barnes, Love letters, Sam Wood.

Sorting: Die Cuts.

Snacking: On crap!

Smelling: The roast

Waiting: for the next twin peaks ep.

Watching: Twin Peaks.. OMFG what a mind flip.. the new eps are.

Wanting: to have a decent nights sleep.

Wasting: my days watching tv.

Weather: Jack brought me an Electric Throw Blanket because it is getting colder .

Wearing: The warmest clothes that i can find. 

Wishing: That Jack wasn’t going away but happy he has a new job. hated where he worked before, & having a new start in another place will be great.

What grind’s my Gears: People in general. I swear the older i get the more irritating people do. 

Wondering: How long i will last without Jack being here.

Working On: Moving to Melbourne before the end of the year. 

Working Out: Um Nope… I should have but didn’t. The plan for June is to do at least two a week. I did rejoin TiffXO again and also brought Sam Wood’s new book. 


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