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Fitness Trackers

Let me start this by saying that this is going to be a little bit of a rant in regards to fitness trackers.

I am not lacking in Fitness Trackers, and i have had many see my REVIEW here.

B E L L A B E A T | 

I had such high hopes for the Bellabeat fitness tracker when I got it in May last year. When it’s working, it has some great features. I love the meditations, and listen to them often, especially when Jack was on nightshift and I couldn’t sleep. The Activity function is great and it tracks sleep well. BUT… the battery is meant to last six months, mine stopped working at about the 5 month mark, turns out it was faulty, so they sent me a new one. (i can’t fault the customer service they have been very helpful). & have even sent me a larger band for free when i requested it, they sent me another band when i did a review for them, and then replaced the first Bellabeat with a new one. I got the new one it worked fine for about 3 months and then the battery died, i put another battery in that lasted a few weeks, and thats been the pattern for the past few months, about a month ago i got a more expensive battery, just checked it then to sync and can’t get it working. I haven’t synched in a few days and i think this is part of the problem, as it seems when i don’t sync it the battery dies. (Probably doesn’t help that my phone is almost dead and everything wants an update). But looks like i will just have two now as pieces of jewellery rather than trackers.

A P P L E |

Yes i do have an Apple watch but since the most recent watch update it doesn’t even last until the end of the day. This past few days it’s actually been going flat late afternoon, where as before it was going flat later at night. I might try it tomorrow without using the activity tracker. It is the first issue watch, so may have to look at upgrading when a new one comes out.

F I T B I T |
I got this earlier this year and I am loving having a Fitbit again. No major issues with it apart from having to charge it a couple of times a week, but i check to see what the charge is and if it is really low i charge it when i go to sleep, though i have noticed a couple of times it hasn’t charged properly on it’s silly charging dock.
O T H E R   T R A C K E R S
M I C H A E L   K O R S  |
I have been looking at these and like a few of the different trackers, but with the higher end ones being up in the Apple Watch Price bracket it will be a long way off, I may get the Reade Tracker.
There are many other Jewellery looking trackers out now that i may look at in the future, but for now i think i will just stick with the Fitbit.

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