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Blog Update:

Around two weeks ago i wrote this post, Off you go i’ll wait.. TAP….. TAP….. TAP….. Boy that was fast, OK now where was i? 

Oh yes Laptop! 😦 Well it’s DEAD! No longer wrapped in it’s plastic marble case with it’s plastic keyboard cover. Because… I no longer have it. The rental company have terminated the contact, and we now have to pay for the labour to look at it which is close to 1K!!!!! 

At this stage I don’t envision getting another laptop unless the money gods are smiling on me then a rose gold MacBook pro is on the wish list, (Do you think sending messages out into the universe works?),

If i have to i will go back to the a smaller one, but the chances are as slim as a MacBook Air of getting one so will be using our old Mac Desktop for now (I will however if having to use this have to invest in a new keyboard and touchpad, as the Mouse and Keypad do go flat way to fast)… \

So I can still blog.. Yay… 

I have lost some photos, but between my camera cards, phones and external hard drive I have managed to get some back.. I knew there was a reason why I didn’t delete from my cards. I will be looking at a new memory card for my camera and perhaps an Apple AirPort Time Capsule to back everything up so it doesnt happen again.

Blogging is pretty much up to date as i have been setting aside a day or two a week to go through future posts as i wasn’t sure what was happening in regards to getting the old laptop back. So i am actually ahead of Schedule, with a lot more prompts and have since come across 500+ more that i can add so i really have enough for the next couple of years. 



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