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Getting Organised: Craft Space

This is the desk i recently got from Kmart. I pretty much use it for my planners and to look pretty as i mostly do my planning on the couch. I am undecided as to what to do about all of the little drawers under this desk (they where originally on the trolley as pictured below). they mostly hold die cuts and other random stationary. I am tempted to get a small bedside table the same as the chest of drawers to store all of this in (just get plastic trays to divide everything) and give the drawers to Angel for her Makeup. 

This is my craft desk.

Jack and I will be taking it apart and replacing it with three sets of chest of drawers.

Everything in this space has to fit in them. 

So I am thinking 

  1. (Top) Stickers / Planner stuff (this pretty much goes hand in hand so easier to store together, what isn’t in here will be on my desk). or sits next to me on the couch
  2. (Top) Empty so i can take photos in it (Flat-lays etc)
  3. (Top) Containers (the small ones in the white desk) & Other craft supplies
  4. (Middle) Stamps
  5. (Middle) Work in progress / Project Life (i want to be able to lay the album out flat and work on it). 
  6. (Middle) Photos (I have a plastic container full of photos that need to be sorted out). 
  7. (Bottom) Trimmers / Mats / Washi Tape
  8. (Bottom) Paints / Pens / pencils / stationary
  9. (Bottom) Depending on how deep the drawers are will determine if anything else fits into the drawers. I maybe able to store a couple of the plastic containers in them. i know that two of the smaller size fit into the kitchen drawers.

I will also get some more of the plastic containers that i use in the kitchen for the smaller items like stamps, pens etc. 

Not sure yet what i will put on the top of it, maybe the typewriter and some decorations / greenery / space to take photos. 

As you can see by the plastic containers at the bottom of the Expedit this is where I have been storing most of my things. I will still be using this system as it is working, i will just be storing items i rarely use in them. 

and just for nostalgia here is the old desk my grandfather built me. I no longer have it as you can see it was on it’s last legs.

The only thing i haven’t worked out yet is what to do with the Mac Desktop. I am currently using it, but don’t think it will fit onto my current desk. so need to have a chat with Jack and see if he has a suggestion. 

I have many desks stored in the shed and as we begin to cull and pair back our furniture in preparation for our move i want to be at least organised for when it comes to packing. Yes i know it seems crazy to buy more furniture when i already have some, but the furniture i have really isn’t functional. 

how i have previously set the room up. From memory this desk has floated around this space since i got it in 2014. It is a fantastic design, lots of storage space, but it can’t be moved easily and the top and front both move / fall off from being moved. 

I no longer have the brown desk i think it maybe in the shed, as is the white secretary (Which i love but nothing fir in it). 

i got this to store my craft stuff in but the drawers are so small that nothing fits. It is one of my favourite pieces and one that i will keep. We store odds and ends like batteries and books in it. 

  • pic from Facebook 


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