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Home Sweet Home

may 22

Through out this week I will be sharing various parts of the home we live in, the places we have lived, my current favourite things around our house. About what home means to me. A room / house tour. a list of my favourite homewares from various shops. issues about home ownership or living.

My current favourite things around our house are

Our Bedding.


I have always loved cushions and it’s been a long time coming in getting our room at a stage that i like it. (Still working on getting a new bed), but the room, furniture & decor are almost how i want it. The Jewellery side of things is still a work in progress.

My Desk


I have had many desks over the years (at one count i had 17 of them through the house), i hope to do another post in regards to my little study area soon. I just got the little side table at Target for $15 isn’t it sweet. i had the polkadot box on lay-by and i was going to use it in our room but we found that it fitted so well in the space for extra books (my planners for last year are on the top). Not a fan of the chair but i have another one on the other side of the room that is better, just need to swap them over.



not a great photo, but this little machine is one of the most used things in our house, besides the coffee machine, my laptop and the TV.

Table & Pin Boards


I have had the boards for a few months and they have become one of my favourite things. I moved one from our room because the cat kept grabbing at it. Because of the rent inspection we where in a bit of a rush so this is how the boards ended up after putting the three of them together, i really need to get the step ladder or a chair and reorganise it a bit better.

The console table is a new item, we paid a whole $14 for it. I am not a fan of gold or this type of furniture but it really works with these boards.

Tea / Coffee Set


Most of this is new apart from the teapot and placemat. I think the milk pourer is so sweet, i actually am thinking of getting more of them and using them as little vases. there are a few different colours.

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