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Home Sweet Home

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Through out this week I will be sharing various parts of the home we live in, the places we have lived, my current favourite things around our house. About what home means to me. A room / house tour. a list of my favourite homewares from various shops. issues about home ownership or living.

Let’s talk house plans

For a long time growing up I had dreams and visions of being an architect. So I have always had a fascination with house design and planing a home.

As we Built a home and then later owner built a home I have come across lots of ideas and designs that I really like.

For well over ten years my dream house has been the Sunset Breezeway. It’s a prefab home.

GJ Gardner

Recently I have started looking at GJ Gardener Plans, OMG 3D walkthroughs are my favourite thing to do..

The Mandalay

We fell in love with this plan, it was the courtyard that won us both over. What sold me on this home the 261 in particular was the activity room at the front of the home.

When looking at a plan I always keep Angel in mind and the homes with an Activity Room, bathroom, linen cupboard (that can become a study nook) it means that she has a pretty much self contained flat / studio apartment to herself.

The Stillwater 303

This is a similar design but the master bedroom is facing the courtyard. It still has the area for Angel. What I liked most about this one is the hidden Laundry and Buttlers pantry in the kitchen which are behind pantry doors, so i would look at doing the same in other homes because i really like the idea.


Bayville 49

I absolutely love everything about this house. From the Hamptons feel to the room layouts, but most of all it’s the kitchen / Scullery / Butlers Pantry / Laundry / Celler / Linen / Powder room space Down stairs that is so organised with so much storage that makes this house all the more perfect. Just for that one area in the house I would build it. if I had that kind of money that is.. i found a newspaper article that said it was well over a million dollars to build it. Its a lotto dream home thats for sure.

The Lincoln

This is a smaller one storey home, but it’s quite a large home with multiple living areas and 4 bedrooms. I found it via Catching up with the Conties YouTube.

I have looked at a lot of house plans over the years and these days a majority are building homes with only one large living area (kitchen / dining / family room). I really like homes with 2 or more. three of four is preferable with a study as well.

The Botanica 

I have only just discovered this one, and what I liked most was how when changed to a 3 bedroom it had the connecting bathroom and a walk in robe for Angel. So the third bedroom could become a tv room for her, and she would have her own wing. Also liked that the master bedroom had two walk in robes, i would change one into a study open to the hallway. Also love the courtyard. thats the one thing that both Jack and I look for in a home.


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