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Home Sweet Home

MAY 15

Through out this week I will be sharing various parts of the home we live in, the places we have lived, my current favourite things around our house. About what home means to me. A room / house tour. a list of my favourite homewares from various shops. issues about home ownership or living.

What a home means to me.

A home to me is a safe place, a warm hug, time spent with loved ones, happy memories.

It can hold new love, early married life, pregnancy and births, A babies first steps and birthdays, Christmas surrounded by family. Laughs with friends, Lots of wine, and many happy times. 

Yes it can also hold memories that bring us sadness of death, bad times, and even the ending of a family.

It’s Life, death and everything in between.

It’s a warm hug on comfortable couches, it’s snuggled up in bed on Sunday morning with the paper and a cup of coffee. 

It’s those big and little moments that we all have. 


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