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Tell us how your blog got its name (and tagline)

Tell us how your blog got its name (and tagline)

I have been through many incarnations over my years of blogging, from The Shabby Pink Scrapper, The Beltane Daily, Family photos food & crafts, Mrs B’s Place, Nic Beltane & many many more in between (don’t even ask me how many themes, blog platforms etc I have had because I lost count a long time ago).

Currently my blog is called Nic Beltane. I looked and tried many names and they where all taken, so I figured that what best name to use than my own.

My tagline for a longtime was Family Photos Food & Craft, Which is what my blog is all about. I write mostly about

  • Family : Memory keeping, family history
  • Photos : Sharing them, creating with them, Photo a day Prompts
  • Food : Sharing recipes new and old.
  • Craft : I do a lot of memory keeping in Project Life, Week in the life, etc
  • Travel : I also share some of our travel photos and experiences.
  • Shopping : What I am buying, or want to buy

Here are just some of the blog headers that I have used over the last few years.


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