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#Little Letters


Dear Life

Stop throwing these curve balls at me.. Each new thing is something that I need to deal with, having all of these things come up at one time is a mind trip, that I just can’t deal with. So enough already. 

Dear Husband

Congratulations on the new job & resigning from the old one, I know things are about to change big time around here and that with you being away for weeks at a time it’s going to take it’s toll but I know that we will get through it. 

Dear Daughter

Sorry to have to tell you this but life is about to change for you and you have to start helping out.  I would really appreciate it if you didn’t argue the point with me too. 

Dear Ali, (Our Dog), 

You know I love you, but seriously you are doing my head in, please stop getting out.  

Dear Rent Inspection

Not looking forward to having to clean up and move everything. 

Dear Owners, 

Thanks for helping with the yard clean up. I know that there was so much that need to be done, but it looks incredible. 

Dear Blog Everyday in May

I didn’t think I would be able to get through it this year, but I am smashing posts out left right and centre at the moment. Looking for new prompts all of the time so if you would like to do a Q&A Put your questions below. 


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