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A letter to me

Found Love. Now What?

Day 8,

Write a letter to yourself 20 years from now.

Dear Nic,
You are now the grand old age of 64, who would have thought it.  You are rocking that grey hair and still have a spring in your step.  Remember in 2017, you where 44 you thought it was one of the busiest yet most stressful years of your life, and you where only in May, Well guess what.  You survived it..  Life sure has changed hasn’t it.  Jack is still standing by your side, his hand wrapped tightly around yours. He graduated Uni.  You have both travelled the world, and explored all of those places that you wanted to explore.  Your life wishes list has been ticked and you are enjoying these later years of your life.  Angel also went onto Uni and a great career and You now have grandkids who are your whole world.  Who would have thought it..  Back when you didn’t think that you could even survive Angel’s teenage years.  Life has had it’s ups and downs as it tends to do.  But you got through all of those days that you didn’t think you could get through. Yes you miss those that have gone everyday, but they remain in your heart and they walk beside you ever present in mind.  So I say to you thanks for the memories.
Love N…

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