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Kmart – Mothers day Gift Ideas

I have been looking at mothers day presents for myself.. I had all of these high ideas of a Michael Kors Handbag and a MK Fitness Tracker, Several Pandora rings and charms. But it looks like it will be a budget Mothers day this year, So to give my darling daughter a hand here are a few things that I quite like.

I brought the “Perfume Spray” of this scent a few months ago and quite like it. these are $3 each and the Wheat Bag is $9.00

Can’t go wrong with a candle and at $6.00

I have had these tea cups in past years and I still use one every day but it’s looking a bit off colour now. $10 for the set of two, there is also a tea pot available.
Also loving the mug works for my TiffXO. I think it’s $3

Adore this jumper. Think it was $20

We all love smoothies around here, so this would get a lot of use. I actually like most of the cookbooks in this range.

I think this was $9. A great idea and I would say that Angel would read it as well.

To compliment my ever growing planner collection this $10 compendium would be great for holding my sticker books, pens and some stamps.

And a $15 tote bag to hold it all in.

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