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A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.

Achieved; Eating way too much chocolate.

Admiring; All of the bedding at Kmart,

Anticipating; Lots of things happening over the next few months. Some big changes..

Blogging; Lots of Blogging

What Projects are you working on

Through the lens I See…

Buying; A KK Backpack. A travel journal. Stickers. Jack brought me another planner.

Been; To Burnie, Hobart for Jack’s birthday.

Bookmarking; random crap that I should save to Pinterest instead.

Cooking; TiffXO / Voome Recipes.

Considering; A second coffee even though I haven’t finished the one I made.

Coveting; Everything and Anything Michael Kors. I realised that I have had my MK Jetset for 5 years now and I really love it, but it has no cross body strap so I mainly only use it if I am taking the laptop anywhere, and well I haven’t done that in ages. I love the functionality of the bags and would love to be able to use the one I have more but only having the handles really makes it heavy. I am also loving the fitness trackers and watches. My Bellabeat as much as I love it, I am having to replace the batteries every 6-8 weeks instead of every 6 months, so it’s quite frustrating. it has been close or just over a month since I used it.

Craving; Salad.. I know right… crazy.

Creating; Art / mini scrapbook pages in my Traveler’s Notebook.

Current; Drinking coffee (Jack just made me a top up), Watching TV, Blogging.

Deciding; What to do first.. Week in the life posts or start Blog everyday in May Posts.

Disliking; How tired I am this morning.

Disappointed; At how messy the house is.

Digging; Around looking for small batteries for Jack’s Telescope, led me to putting all my jewellery back into their proper boxes. I need to get some kind of better storage system. nothing I have tried is working. I loved this, but the damn cat keeps swiping it and taking things off it. Mainly the perfume bottle, he is obsessed with it. I brought some small jewellery boxes that go in a drawer but don’t have a drawer to put them in.

Drinking; Coffee. Double shot.

Enjoying / Enjoyed;

Eating; Lots of salad.. and too much junk.

Family Photo; We took this one on Jacks birthday at the start of April, due to take another one today..

Feeling; Tired. are you sensing a theme here. I spent most of last week not being able to sleep. think it’s caught up to me.

Finally; School’s back tomorrow

Following; my own path..

Habit; Drinking water. I was doing so well, but this past week I only just got through a two litre bottle for the whole week

Happy; Beltane for tomorrow.

Happening; Jack’s Laptop has Cacked it’s self and he is currently using the Mac Desktop, well he would be if he could get into it. I have given him so many passwords and codes and he still can’t get into the stupid thing. Then I work out that because I was hacked on my Instagram last month I changed my phone to Two-Factor Authentication, sorry apple I love you and all but seriously making it to hard for a person to log into their own account is just insane..

Hoping; That we sort the above out..

Hearing; Jack complaining.. Angel Complaining..

Keeping; Warm with a blanket on my legs.. the sun maybe out but there is still a chill in the air.

Location; Home..

Looking;  Forward to tomorrow ., 1. schools back. 2. I can start my twin peaks marathon before the new season starts..



Listening; to Studio 10.. Jack & Angel arguing in the kitchen.. hmm

Making; Pancakes.. Well Jack is..

Main Goal This Week: Work on Week in the Life Posts.

Marvelling; At how many draft blog posts I have in the works.

Needing / Need to Finish

Not Digging; The amount of drugs that I have taken to get rid of allergies, and yet here I sit with water pouring out of my very itchy eyes..

Noticing; That after cutting off all of my nails on the 31st December, and having the first three months of them breaking constantly they have started to grow back really nicely.

Opening; Not much this month, didn’t really order anything in the past few weeks.

Playing; Lots of YouTube.

Planning; On paying off my lay-by shortly, so bedroom makeover commence.

Pondering; Life..

Reading; hahaha funny..

Sorting; planner stuff / stickers / stationary / general crap..

Sewing; I really need to remove this one, because the chances of this happening is sim to none..

Snacking; on junk..

Smelling; pancakes.

Waiting; for pancakes.

Watching; Studio 10..

Wanting; to get this post finished. then going back and realising I have missed a stack of prompts.

Wasting; my days away watching other people lead busy lives on YouTube.

Weather; The suns out thats a start.

Wearing; Leggings & a Dress. yeah I know..

Wishing; That I had a fairy, gypsy or a cleaner to get this house into shape.

What grind’s my Gears; People in general. Have you noticed how frustrating people are at the moment.. Doing my head in.

Wondering; Why I have so much stationary yet when I am working on something I can’t find what I am looking for.

Working On; Lots of blog posts. Art journaling. My Leeanne Baker Daily Planner.

Working Out; nope… this month I haven’t done a thing.. Tomorrow is a new month.


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