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Your bucket list.

Your bucket list.

2010 ish i wrote my LifeWishes list and i have been ticking things off ever since.  So it’s now 2018 and i probably should be re-evaluating that list.

Earlier in the year i started writing in a Bullet Journal, and i wrote these down.

Together Lets:

Make memories ✔ | Make a couples bucket list | Share a milkshake together | Go to a book fair | Take a TV show tour | Start a new tradition | Plan a trip | Create a playlist | Go to an outdoor movie | Go to a medieval festival | Snuggle by the fire | Bake a cake ✔ | Take a bubble bath | Go out to dinner and then stay in a hotel | Camp out in the living room | Have wine and cheese by candlelight | Make a photo book | Dance around the house | Watch a Jazz Concert. |  Create a Spell together | Have a Game night ✔ | Go on an adventure ✔ | Have Breakfast for dinner | Take a nap ✔ | Make a relationship time capsule | Have a Movie Marathon | Renew Vows | Go to the beach for a sunset picnic | Fall asleep holding hands ✔


 Surprise someone | Visit childhood home ✔ | Design Website/Blog ✔ | See Cold Chisel again | Rewatch Picnic at Hanging Rock (Watched the new version) ✔ | Read the book | Dye hair a crazy colour | Go to Hanging rock (We did but it was closed) ✔ | Have a Dinner Party | Get another pet (We got Asher about a week after i wrote this) ✔ | Start a Wine Collection. (Does 1 1/2 bottles count) | Walk 5kms ✔ | Go to the Theatre | Make Cookies ✔ | Go to a festival | Make cheese | Make a Family Logo | Do a no spend month | Go on a shopping spree | Go to the beach | Make a fruit pie | Stick a love note on the Bathroom Mirror | Take a cooking class | colour in (In December i started using a colour by numbers app, ADDICTED!) | Feed a Koala | Make a Snowman | Write a Cookbook (I have started this) | Write letters | Buy a little black dress | Go to a concert | Get my palm read. | Make a Handmade gift | Hug a Tree | Go to Sydney | Go to in a Hot Air Balloon | Go to New York | Go to the zoo | Go to Paris  | Go to Budapest  | Go to London | Go to the Art Gallery ✔ | Read a New York Best Seller | Bet on a horse | Break Bread | Go out for a Birthday Dinner | Hug Someone ✔ | Watch the Sunrise & Sunset on the same day | Unplug for the day |  Ask my spouse “20 Questions” | Bake a cake ✔ | Make a will | Go to a wine tasting | Change something in my life | Find the meaning of my name ✔ | Go to a Gallery Opening | Have a white christmas | Stay at a resort | Go to the Melbourne Museum ✔ | Plant a Tree | Write a song| Build Dream Home | Go to High Tea | Own Tiffany & Co Jewellery | Make own Business Cards | Start a new Instagram Account | Collect Something New | Meet someone famous | Write a love letter | List ten things i’m Grateful for | Read the book then see the movie | Donate clothes | Attend a film premiere | Go on a retreat | Go to New Zealand again | Order room service | Go to the pride parade | Swim in the ocean |  Drink champagne | See a musical in New York | Go to a wax museum | Do the hollywood walk of fame | Go to the Sydney Opera house | Meet Oprah | See a basketball game | Go to hogwarts | Cook a 3 course meal | Go in a limo | Ride in a horse and carriage | Go to a castle | See the hollywood sign | Visit all australian states | Meet a celebrity chef | Go to Comic Con / Supernova | Go to the Butterfly sanctuary | See a taping of Ellen | Stay in a B&B | Go to a book signing | Create latte art | Buy a tiara | Spend New Years Eve in New York


Fall in love with Jack every day ✔ | Work on the Family Tree ✔ | Continue writing book | Read More | Get a Tattoo | Watch ten IMDB Movies | Have breakfast in bed | Buy Art | Have a Weekend away | Go on a Date Night ✔

2018 Bucket List

* Start a Bullet Journal * Travel somewhere random * Drink Wine * Organise a family portrait *  do a colour run * work on my story *  make a childhood recipie * Get a picture booth photo done. * create *  learn to draw * make art * kiss in the rain * go on another cruise * do couch to 5k * Go to the Ballet * Name a Star * Go to the Movies *  Make Pizza * Do Yoga * Do charity work

Prompt Via the girl who loved to write


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