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I know that my latest edition of currently isn’t due for a few days yet but thought I would do another quick version of it.

STARTING… To get really annoyed at the migraines / and headaches I have been having. Doesn’t help that across the road are working on the new house build and there next-door neighbour is raving his ute up at every chance. Then there is the Fire & Ambulance service across the road, and I swear that this street is like grand-central station most days.
CALLING… Out to Angel to check on the dog who keeps getting out.

CELEBRATING… That I am a lot more organised with blog posts these days..

CONSIDERING… Future blog posts.

DISCOVERING… I really need to take better photos for said posts.


EATING… Scrambled eggs that Angel made me for breakfast.


GOING… to have a shower soon, in the hopes of getting rid of the sore head and watery eyes

HATING… That I have a massive migraine again.

HOPING (to)… Get rid of said migraine.

LISTENING (to)… The Anzac Day service in Hobart.

LOVING… That I have close to 200 draft prompts to work on over the coming months..

ORDERING… nothing, trying to save some money, but I did attempt to order another fitness tracker.

PLAYING… Catch up on what posts I have written and whats still to be done, before I do Blog everyday in May.

READING… Facebook &


TEXTING… Angel..
THANKING… Angel for the above photo.

THINKING… About future blog posts.

TRYING… To remember what needs to be done.

TWEETING… Not sure if my blog tweets to anyone these days, haven’t bothered checking.

WATCHING… The Anzac Day service.

FINISHING… My coffee.

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