Week in the Life – Sunday 23rd April 2017


The week flew by, but then it was kinda slow.

I did a series of coffee in the morning shots

and selfies

I tried to capture Jack & Angel.


Grateful for moments of peace, family time, a night chasing aroura’s and gazing at the stars with Jack.

Eating | Too much junk food. 

Buying | Didn’t really buy anything this week. 

Thinking | Of future blog posts. 

Wearing | Grey most of this week. 

Listening | To Angel babble on about everything. 

Favourite Conversation From the Day:

Can’t think of one.

2017 Week In The Life Intention:

Summary of this week’s week in the life. 

I really wasn’t as into it this year as I had been previously so stuck to simple photos that I could repeat each day. I did capture other little moments, and between Jack & Angel they also took some photos.

A few of our favourite memories