Jump in…

I post a lot on here about answering the questions that your kids may ask after you are no longer here, I have just finished reading this post, and it’s just as important to have photos to go with the stories.

I have been scrapbooking and memory keeping for many years now and it’s no secret that we have a lot of photos of all of the family. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that I started jumping into the photo or taking selfies. I hate my photo being taken, I am the one behind the camera or phone. I like that I can control the way the photo is taken, when jacks takes photos of me I always look like crap. I hate them.

Each month (we try to) take a family photo of the three of us. Looking through my childhood photos I don’t have a lot of family ones or many with mum / dad when I was older. I also try and get photos of Jack and Angel together. (I walk a lot slower than them, so have a collection of photos of me walking behind them). But there isn’t a great deal of Angel and I together unless its a silly selfie or more recently a snapchat filtered photo.

Like this week I am doing a week in the life photo project and the house is a disaster and I can’t take “pretty photos”. I can’t do videos, I would love to be able to Vlog instead of blog, but my anxiety gets me every time I try and I delete them.

I am by no means comfortable with having my photo taken, and I know many other mothers who feel the same way. But at the end of the day it’s the generations after us that miss out on not knowing who we are.