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Week in the Life – Thursday 20th April 2017

8:30am | Doing: Laying in bed, reading Facebook on my phone. Knock on the door, Angel gets up and is told that our dog is out, so she goes and organises her. I really need to sort that shelf out and put that frame somewhere.

9:30am | Eating: chips for breakfast. Watching: studio 10. Doing: with the cat on my lap. Toying with the idea of getting a WITL digital kit. Working on blog posts today. Looking out across the road and noticing the neighbours are putting the roof on the new house.

10:00am | Checking E-mails. Reading Facebook. Still working on blog… Wishing the dog would stop barking at the cat. & realise we didn’t put the bin out last night.

11:00am | Watching Reba. Eating: Crumpets for breakfast, and thinking it’s time for another coffee. Doing: Arguing with a 15 year old is exhausting..

12:00pm | Watching: Fixer Upper. S2.3 an old one I haven’t seen. The biggest Loser Transformed – makeovers. Eating:  Banana. Doing: Shower, paint nails.

1:00pm |Watching: The biggest Loser Transformed – makeovers. Drinking: water Doing: reading Facebook, blogging, waiting for my nails to dry… STILL

2:00pm | Watching: Who do you think you are – Ginnifer Goodwin. (working my way through some unwatched programs now that I have finished watching love child). Drinking: The coffee that I forgot I had. Doing: Nothing….

3:00pm | Watching: Reba. Eating: Love Hearts. that 3pm slump when I need a sugar fix to keep me going. Doing. nothing still

4:00pm | Watching: cooking shows. Bold & the Beautiful. Eating: Donuts. Doing… Watching TV, reading Facebook

5:00pm | Watching: The News. Doing: Went for a drive with Jack, He had to go to Woolworths to get dinner.

6:00pm | Watching: The News, Neighbours. Eating: Homemade Burgers. Donuts. Doing: looking at houses that have come up on the & pages. yes I am that board.

7:00pm | Watching: Home & Away. Doing:

8:00pm | Watching: John Clarke – Thanks for your time. Still working my way through unwatched programmes. Doing: Working on my new Typo Planner.

9:00pm | Watching: Whovians. Doing: went to bed around 9:30pm

*need to edit and add photos

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