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A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.

Achieved Turning 44

Admiring All of the pretty planners at Typo

Anticipating Jack’s birthday.

Blogging I have over 130 draft’s ready to be filled in, various prompts that I have found online

Buying Way too many bags.

Been Playing with the camera lens I got for my birthday

Bookmarking Useless crap that I probably should just save to Pinterest

Cooking Nothing, Jack still does it.

Considering Having a long bath

Coveting Planners, bags

Craving Sweets

Creating In my art journal

Current Working on future blog posts

Deciding If I want to stay with WordPress or change.

Disliking Having allergies. 

Disappointed That I didn’t hear from people for my birthday.

Digging Neighbours at the moment

Drinking Lots of cider

Enjoying / Enjoyed The cape to cape concert & Acoustic life of sheds

Eating Chicken Kievs

Family Photo That would require Jack & Angel to be home at the same time.

Feeling Tired / ALL OF THE TIME

Finally Got a new lens for my Olympus Pen Camera.

Following The cyclone updates, as I have many Facebook friends that live in the area.

Habit Too much coffee, not enough water. Though I have been drinking more of it since I got my Big Bottle Co Water Bottle.

Happy Birthday to Jack for this Sunday.

Happening Eating donuts..

Hoping That Jack will make me a coffee. Chances are slim.

Hearing Angel bang on about getting a new phone is driving me nuts.

Keeping myself awake with lots of coffee, but tired because of all of the allergies meds.

Location Mostly at home this month, we did go to Penguin looking for the Bioluminescence, Didn’t find it though.

Looking Ahead with lots of new blog prompts.. trying to feel a little more organised.

Liking That Offspring is in the process of being filmed again.

Loving These Donuts, could easily eat the whole packet,  The Dr Blake Mysteries & Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries. Have been watching both this month and love them, can’t believe they have axed Dr Blake. there is a petition to save the show.

Listening To Jack talking about Trains

Making nothing, will need to make a coffee

Main Goal This Week Update all of my planners.

Marvelling  at how many Netflix shows that I have in my to watch list, or that I have started watching and not finished yet.

Needing to work out what next to watch on Netflix.

Need to Finish watching the youtube watch list

Not Digging That it’s almost the School Holidays. How cold it is already starting to get

Noticing how disorganised the house is at the moment.

Opening & closing the donut packet…

Playing when will my post items get here. feels like its taking forever for some things.

Planning what to put in my planners

Pondering working on art journaling

Reading Facebook

Sorting The house out.

Sewing No

Snacking On donuts..

Smelling tonights dinner

Waiting for dinner. Jack cooked it earlier and I just have to heat it up..

Watching Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery. Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries, Grace & Frankie.

Wanting to sleep, but needing to stay awake, as it means I won’t sleep tonight.

Wasting The day away, doing nothing but watching TV

Weather The sun is out. Has been raining through. Thankfully we havent had the storms and weather like Queensland and NSW has had this week.

Wearing My Kmart leggings.. OMG the most comfiest pants ever.

Wishing that Angel hadn’t just burnt a jam donut in the microwave, the smell has gone through the whole house.

What grind’s my Gears when things don’t work

Wondering Why my Kmart Calligraphy pens don’t work and yet the Parker one I just got in the mail works like a knife across butter.

Working On Practicing brush lettering and Calligraphy

Working Out Hahaha funny.. have re-signed up for another month of tiffXO and may is free, so have another 8 weeks of the programme.

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