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New directions

As much as i love blogger, i have been toying with going in a new direction with my blog so i thought that i would give WIX a try since it for some reason keeps coming up on my newsfeed / YouTube ads.

So i will be doing a few posts here and see how it goes before i decide on wether or not to give blogger up altogether when it runs out in May.

My job today will be attempting to export the whole of my blog (12 years worth of it over here). should be fun…

So this is me: I’m Nic, I’m almost 44, I have been married to Jack for 16 years, he is a Train Driver, goes to Uni & we have a Metal Detecting Bussiness, We have a 15 year old Daughter Angel. Two black cats called Mae & Ed and a Dog called Ali. My Hobbies include Memory Keeping Researching Family History, Blogging, Scrapbooking, Project Life, Photography, and i am about to embark on the crazy world of Traveler’s Notebooks

I have been blogging for just over 12 years. I have had MANY blogs and i have tried many blog platforms. I have been using WordPress for over 5 years now but feeling like i need to have a major change in my blogging style. My blog has had many names and many re-incarnations. I guess i have never been able to settle on just one thing. So for now its just going to be Nic Beltane.


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