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Traveler’s Notebooks

A few weeks ago I asked Jack to buy me a Traveler’s Notebook it arrived a few days ago and as much as I wanted it I also wanted a Midori (Now) Traveler’s Notebook more. (Blame way too many hours of watching YouTube). When Jack said he liked the look of it and it looked like something that he could use I boxed it up and gave it to him, then promptly got online and ordered a “Midori” Traveler’s Notebook from Notemaker (OMG I could spend all day on that site). He has started to use it for work already and is planning on using it for fishing / the boat, the business & uni notes.

Then I was checking Facebook and came across the new Heidi Swapp Traveler’s Notebook planner and that was it I had to have that too so ordered if from Scrapboutique. Hopefully both will arrive in the next week or so (my birthday is at the end of the month so these are my birthday presents).

I also ordered several inserts from Etsy as well that I have already started using. I will have probably 8 inserts.

Art Journal. Going to get more of these from LinsertsbyLinda.

Then from cottonandpaperco I got several.

Capture the moment – Lined for FMS Photo-a-day. I have already decorated this one and added the first three months of prompts. This one will last for the full year and I can still write notes in it and add some photos.

Black dot – blank
for classes that I am doing this year online.

Crosses – week on two pages
for Project life. Although I think I will end up using the Heidi Swapp Traveler’s Notebook for this.

XOXO – Health & Fitness.
The Health journal only lasts a few weeks. I do have a a5 health journal I brought from etsy that I might just glue into it instead.

Hello – Blank –
is a spare.

Heidi Swapp one is a planner so looking forward to using that. (This contains 2 inserts). (Perfect for Project Life). From Scrapboutique

The Midori Traveler’s Notebook will also come with an insert. I think from memory I chose a weekly one for this year.
I also added some of the accessories. The bands to add more inserts, The Kraft Folder & Zipper Pocket. As well as three Tombow Pens and a set of Cavallini & Co Vintage Letterpress Rubber Stamp Set.

I am really looking forward to getting into this way of memory keeping.


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