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A Letter to me,


Dear Me,

          Over the last 25+ years you would have often received letters to yourself. Advice from when you where younger or letters that you find in later years that have written. Antidotes from your younger self. Shelling out advice and wisdom. Things that you wish you had of known and things that you are still to learn.

b612_20170215114216You started this new year off with such gusto, a real drive to succeed. Making plans, writing lists, taking courses then February rolled around and things started to falter. You have not failed {yet}! You just need to keep going. Some days I know that you feel like it is just too hard to get out of bed and that there is just not enough coffee in the house to get through it, and you feel so tired, when in actual fact what you have achieved is sitting on you’re arse watching crap on TV, when you should be actually making use of all of those hours where you just sit and procrastinate. You need to get up off the couch and keep walking, keep moving one step at a time.


          Almost 44, shiz where the hell does the time go.. Didn’t you just turn 40.  So many things that you have yet to do, ticking off the good old Bucket / Life Wishes Lists that you keep making and accomplishing those goals one day at a time.

          Just remember you are amazing, if you set your mind to something you can do it.

Your inner beauty shines through (your usually too busy ignoring

You are a hell of a lot stronger than you think,

Remember even if you don’t think you are liked you are so very much loved.

          I have every faith in you that you can achieve all that you set out too. Just keep going…

          ♥ Me…

As inspired by  this article on the Lorna Jane Move Nourish Believe website. 


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