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Summer Cleaning

Sorting out house.. slowly but getting there.
A few days ago this linen cupboard was chock full of crap much of it from when we moved in here in 2012, and more that has been added to it over the years. Stuff hidden in there from rent inspection after rent inspection. Stuff that i had no idea was even in there, who knew we had a 3rd slow cooker i had no idea..
Have brought a bunch of these containers for the laundry
  • Party/Birthday (i am still finding stuff for this one)
  • Easter
  • New Years
  • Dog
  • Hardware
  • Movies
& my craft stuff
  • project life cards
  • planner stuff.

and the added bonus is they fit in my old Ikea trolley instead of in a million baskets and boxes under my desk. (which we have managed to clean out as well). a lot of the project life cards where in wooden Kmart drawers, but the drawers have been falling off because it was just too heavy for them. So the drawers now have all of the little bits and bobs that where in the nooks and crannies of my desk.

Need to get some labels made (the lady i want to buy from is still on Christmas / holiday break).
We need to replace for of the christmas boxes so these would be great for that. 

Will buy a few each pay and get everything packed into them, as i am sick of having to search for things. i like that i can stack everything up in the one spot, and still be able to find it.


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